The goal of HBVr is to ease the accessebility of HBV Global Parameter maps created by Beck et al. (2020). Therefore this one-function package allows to download any of the cross-validation folds for your particular area of interest (AOI).

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This package offers an R implementation of the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE). You can find here a collection of functions to estimate main factors: R-factor, K-factor, LS-factor and C-factor. The package uses terra and Rsagacmd in the backend.

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The loadflux package is build for the comprehensive analysis of the intra-event suspended sediment dynamics. This is a collection of functions created to study water discharge (Q) and suspended sediment concentration (SSC) relationship.

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This is a very simple package with only one function tgme. The aim of this package is to send you a message when a job on Rstudio server is done (or on your local machine).

It is a free alternative to the Rich Pauloo’s textme package.



The rp5pik package provides a set of functions to download and preprocess meteorological data from